Sisal Pole

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The Sisal Poles are amazing scratching posts. They allow your cats to reach their paws up and have the most satisfying stretch while grooming their nails. The poles also allow your cats to experience the thrill of tree climbing. Climbing is the best exercise for your indoor cats and gives them serious mojo.

The Sisal Pole is considered a CHALLENGE LEVEL 3 for cats – which is the first two challenge levels on steroids. Running and jumping is amazing, but climbing to the top of a tall pole at top speed is out of this world. It is HIGHLY recommended that every indoor cat have access to a sisal pole to climb. Read more about the three challenge levels in our Buyer’s Guide.

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  • This is the height of the actual pole. The platforms at the bottom and top of the pole add an extra 4 cm each. E.g. the total height of a 75 cm pole would be 83cm (4 cm bottom platform + 75 cm  pole + 4 cm top platform).

    The pole can be customised below to suit your individual needs and decor.



The top and bottom platforms are 23.5 cm wide and 4 cm high. They can be ordered in lengths of 12.5 cm, 25 cm, and 50 cm.

The platforms can be customised to suit any space. Different combinations of stain and brackets can change the aesthetics of the piece to suit many styles. In addition, the covers can be swapped out at any time to achieve different looks.

Covers for the platforms (in grass or coir) are included and can be upgraded to other materials to suit different styles. The covers are attached to the platforms with screws and allow cats to firmly grip the surface to prevent slipping. Although the stained pine platforms allow cats to lightly grip the wood with their nails, the covers provide an extra level of grip and security. It is highly recommended that covers be used at all times. For the top platform, a cover is CRITICAL and must be attached at ALL TIMES. Cats need the extra grip to pull themselves up onto the platform.

Important notes:

  • It is highly recommended that the platform at the top of the pole be either 25 cm or 50 cm in length to allow room for your cats to sit comfortably.
  • If the pole is higher than 40 cm from the ground, it is recommended that the bottom platform be 50 cm long and either right or left aligned to give space for your cats to stand while stretching and scratching the pole.
  • No cover is included for the bottom platform if it is 12.5 cm.
  • A tall pole can be life changing for high energy cats. Our Sisal Pole is the only thing that tires Pumpkin out (he is a high energy cat). Pumpkin literal does laps up the pole, around the room, down to the ground, and back up again. Pickles and Peanut love the pole as well… but on a less obsessive level than their lil bro.

Note: the pole pictured is 270 cm high (a special order). The bottom platform is 12.5 cm and the top platform is 25 cm aligned on the left. 

This item ships within 2 weeks. Delivery is by Australia Post and usually arrives within 4 business days after shipment. Note: if multiple items are ordered, the longest shipping time applies to the entire order.

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